GreenTec is seeking a deeper understanding of ways to increase its productivity through digitalisation

The DFA programme aims to find ways to achieve company’s ambitious turnover and productivity goals through the implementation of digital solutions.

GreenTec is a Danish company specialised in designing, producing and selling hydraulic driven machines for maintenance of green areas. Most of its customers are municipalities, farmers, airports, golf courses, fruit and nut orchards, and wineries. GreenTec is a well-known supplier both in Denmark and worldwide, due to the high level of innovation and to the high quality and energy efficiency standards of its machines.

The company has ambitious goals for its future turnover. Hence, it is essential for GreenTec to identify new digital solutions which can support the increase its production capacity. A key goal of the Digital Factory Acceleration programme will be to identify smarter and more efficient ways to deal with the information flow across production, making it more digital.