Unilite's digital transformation journey and the pursuit of operational excellence

This leading provider of skylight solutions in the Nordic region is a new DFA participant with clear expectations

Unilite is a leading provider of skylight solutions in the Nordic region. With a strong focus on the construction sector, particularly the professional market, Unilite has established itself as a key player in the industry, emphasising quality, competitive pricing, timely delivery, and exceptional customer service. In recent years, Unilite has experienced significant market growth, gradually capturing a larger market share than its Danish competitors. To further strengthen its position, Unilite recognises the importance of digitalisation and aims to address challenges related to inventory management and product configuration through innovative solutions.

Since 2018, Unilite has embarked on a journey of digitalisation. The commitment to sustainability aligns with Unilite's strategic goals, which include digitalisation, growth through increased market share and product development. The company has recently acquired a ventilation company that synergises well with its existing fire ventilation solutions, enabling Unilite to provide comprehensive services to its customers.

As an order-driven company delivering skylights of various sizes, Unilite faces significant challenges in managing its semi-finished and finished goods inventory. Since many products are produced on a per-order basis, creating and storing individual items becomes impractical, resulting in uncertainties regarding inventory usage and value. To address these challenges, Unilite seeks to explore the implementation of a product configurator, which would streamline the ordering process, improve inventory management, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

Unilite is a new participant in the Digital Factory Acceleration programme sponsored by Industriens Fond. The primary motivation behind this interest is to seek guidance and support in solving the product configuration problem through digital solutions. By leveraging the expertise and resources of the program, Unilite hopes to find help in their digital transition and help them implement an effective product configurator.

Implementing a product configurator holds several potential advantages for Unilite. By digitising and automating the ordering process, the company anticipates significant efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction improvements. It is estimated that adopting a product configurator could lead to cost savings of up to DKK 500.000 in the first year alone.

This leading provider of skylight solutions
This leading provider of skylight solutions