Valsemøllen begins DFR phase of DFA programme

Valsemøllen completes Digital Factory Mapping analysis and continues collaboration with FORCE Technology to implement the most relevant solutions in the production process.

Valsemøllen produces quality products from grain and pulses at its mills in Denmark. With more than 120 years of experience, they are at the forefront and offer innovative and inspiring products for bakery, retail, industry and food service. The company recently completed its Digital Factory Mapping analyses which provided valuable insights and instilled a sense of motivation within the company to embrace digital technologies.

One of the primary challenges in Valsemøllen’s production process is the high-volume transition of small batches to different customer groups. This dynamic nature of the business necessitates frequent adjustments to accommodate varying demands. 

Digitalisation will help navigate complex production 

To ensure that its products meet high-quality standards, Valsemøllen has a specialised laboratory responsible for conducting quality checks. However, a considerable challenge lies in the fact that all information related to quality control is not fully digitalised. This lack of digitalisation hampers efficient information flows, making it challenging to quantify different projects and navigate the inherent complexity of production. DFM results have underlined the need for a comprehensive IT system to facilitate these processes. 

The completion of DFM analyses played a pivotal role in Valsemøllen's digital transformation journey. These analyses provided an overview of the production's complexity and highlighted the various information flows within the company. 

Collaboration set for next step

During the debriefing session that followed the DFM analyses, Valsemøllen was presented with a list of potential projects that could be executed independently or in collaboration with FORCE Technology. After careful consideration, the company has decided to participate in the second round of the Digital Factory Acceleration program – specifically, the Digital Factory Realization step. During the DFR process, the company will be supported in implementing the most relevant solutions to capture the identified opportunities and the related potentials. 

As part of this process, Valsemøllen has chosen to focus on three main areas and is working in close collaboration with specialists from FORCE Technology to implement them. These focus areas are: 

  • Data visualisation regarding forecasting of demands, which is being executed with the assistance of our specialist, Sofie Fiora Milstjerne – Digital Innovation Lead 
  • Automation of processes in production. 
  • The digitalisation of information flows, including implementing a Warehouse Management System. 

Jens Ulrich Nielsen, the chief consultant from FORCE Technology, is leading the tasks related to automation and digitalisation. By implementing the warehouse management system and utilising data visualisation tools, Valsemøllen stands to gain significant benefits. The thorough evaluation of production processes has enabled Valsemøllen to define the necessary requirements and criteria, ensuring an optimised solution to enhance their operations. 

Digital Factory Acceleration programme is cofinanced by Industriens Fond. FORCE Technology provides tools, competencies and consultancy hours, while the company invests time and only a partial amount of the project cost and the Danish Industry Foundation covers the rest.