Valsemøllen has clear and high expectations for the DFA programme

The grain and flour manufacturer, Valsemøllen, is looking for help and assistance with execution of the digitalisation process.

Valsemøllen produces grain and flour products for industry, foodservice, bakeries and retail. The company was founded in Esbjerg in 1899, and now uses the most advanced fully automated mill in three different cities in Denmark. The company employs 110 people and generates a turnover of EUR 79 million annually.

Valsemøllen is keeping in touch with current trends, closely monitoring consumer and food markets to provide the best market terms to their customers. At the same time, the company works hard to optimise production techniques to increase the standard of quality in terms of nutritional value, taste and food safety.

However, during the last year, Valsemøllen had to face several challenges. There has been a tremen-dous increase in energy, grain and seeds prices due to changes in value chains. In addition to this, the buying behavior has changed a lot. The company has to keep up with fast changing circumstances by developing and strengthening its competitive advantage for future needs.

A number of digital challenges have been identified during 2022, and several activities have been initiated. Valsemøllen is planning to continue the digitalization of the production line in 2023 -2024. With the help of DFA programme, Valsemøllen expects to develop a clear roadmap, get help and assistance for analysis, prioritisation and execution of the company's digitalisation.