VIA University students learn about Digital Factory Mapping

The Digital Factory Mapping approach helps manufacturers accelerate their digital transformation journey.

VIA University engineering students gain insights into IoT and digitalisation in manufacturing 

On March 3, 2023, Specialist Engineer Kasper Stens Honoré presented "The Business of IoT: Practical Applications" to 170 engineering students at VIA University College  during the online Digitalization and Internet of Things IoT Conference. 

The main purpose was to share the methodology for finding a good business case for implementing digitalisation and IoT. Kasper presented both the Digital Factory Mapping approach, adopted in the Digital Factory Acceleration programme, and Digital Maintenance Analysis. 

To showcase how the two methodologies could be relevant, Kasper presented multiple business cases where the FORCE Technology Digital Production team have helped companies identify potential production improvement by implementing digital technologies. He conveyed the practical aspects of IoT implementation in production processes and the potential benefits of the right approach.

The event was a valuable learning experience that helped students better understand the importance of IoT and digitalisation in the manufacturing industry and how FORCE Technology is leading the way in providing innovative solutions.

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