The EMC Club is a forum where members can share the latest EMC knowledge. Topics vary from one event to the next and are chosen based on input from EMC Club members.

The EMC Club was founded more than 30 years ago, in 1990, with the offering of a "test-it-yourself sandbox" for EMC testing and measurements. The first meeting was held in May 1991. FORCE Technology manages the EMC Club, and the club's focus on sharing knowledge and exchanging experiences is unchanged. Today, the TestSelv ("test-it-yourself") service offers pre-testing for a variety of EMC phenomena.


At its 10 annual meetings, the EMC Club discusses EMC requirements, design, testing and approval, and presentations introduce members to new EMC concepts and tools. Seven meetings are centred around particular topics, and three are test-it-yourself workshops. Usually each meeting is held twice: once at FORCE Technology's Hørsholm location, and once at its Aarhus location.

The seven topical meetings are centred around topics relevant to the EMC field. These topics are determined by FORCE Technology, generally based on club members' wishes. Club members have regular opportunities to influence the EMC Club's future activities and focuses when FORCE Technology selects topics for future meetings.

At the topical meetings, FORCE Technology contributes relevant information on the topic, and members contribute their experiences, knowledge, and case stories. Individuals and businesses with relevant knowledge are invited to give presentations when possible, allowing the EMC Club to benefit from the knowledge of domestic and foreign specialists who are not EMC Club members.

The EMC Club's members work in a variety of industries, and the club addresses aspects of EMC ranging from approval management and requirements specifications to EMC design and development, as well as EMC testing and approval for installations and for on-site troubleshooting. 


Members of the EMC Club may use FORCE Technology's TestSelv ("test-it-yourself") facilities at its Hørsholm and Aarhus locations. These facilities offer members the opportunity to conduct their own pre-testing in accord-ance with a range of fundamental standards as they work to develop their products.


Due to the networking character of the club activities, most meetings are held in Danish language. When presenters are not Danish speakers, the meetings may instead be announced as held in English language. Slides from presentations are most often in English language.