Expand your knowledge on sensor-related topics and build a professional network by sparring and sharing experience with like-minded people.

The Sensor technology network is a professional network that builds bridges between knowledge institutions and companies. The aim is to strengthen research, development and commercial use of advanced sensor technologies.

Specifically, as a member you will be part of a forum where you can participate in meetings and workshops and discuss sensor-related projects with the other members. At the same time, you can keep up to date on the latest developments in advanced sensor technologies, new standards, test methods, etc.

You also obtain access to a knowledge base and discounts on relevant courses and events.

In short, membership of the Sensor Technology Network is a good investment, both for you personally and for your business.

What happens at network meetings

You'll be part of a network that meet at least once a quarter. The meetings are a mix of networking meetings with presentations on the latest technologies and workshops with a more operational focus.

The agenda for a typical meeting might look like this:

  • Opportunity to share experience
  • Presentations from equipment vendors, government agencies, industry professionals, specialists and others
  • Networking
  • Help and inspiration for applications to e.g. innovation funds.

The agenda for a workshop might look like this:

  • Presentation by an invited speaker, e.g. from industry
  • Subject-specific hands-on session, where participants may, for example, present their own case to the other participants and receive feedback
  • Closing session and short presentation by invited speaker
  • Networking

Become a member of the Sensor technology network

Your corporate membership runs for one year at a time. Membership entitles the holder to attend the meetings of the Sensor Technologies Network with up to two persons per meeting.

Membership fee

Membership in 2023 is free.

Payment for meeting participants in excess of two persons is DKK 1,250 per participant per meeting.

Read more and sign up on our Danish page.