Regular maintenance extends the life of the building while providing a safe and pleasant indoor climate for its occupants. It also minimises damage from sources like mould and wood-degrading fungi.

We spend a lot of our time indoors. This makes it even more important to regularly maintain buildings and e.g., building envelopes in order to avoid damage with structural causes. In the unfortunate event that you do experience problems with structural elements and/or your indoor climate, help is available.

We approach potential building-related issues from a structural engineering perspective, informed by our knowledge of construction methods and building structures. We focus on preservation instead of demolition, and we choose the most financially responsible solutions, benefiting all involved parties.

Assistance is available to help you:

  • Create a healthy indoor climate

    There is a natural background level of mould spores, which are present everywhere. If a structure fails in a way that allows moisture to penetrate it, this can create an environment where mould can grow in or on damp surfaces and structures.

    Mould growth can be caused by structural characteristics, water damage, thermal bridging, usage patterns, and more. If you suspect mould growth, you can have an analysis conducted to identify which types of mould are present, and you can get help to find the cause of the damage, allowing you to eliminate or mitigate associated health issues.
  • Avoid damage to your wood from rot, fungi, and insects

    If your building has water damage or high humidity, wooden elements could be attacked by wood-degrading fungi, insects, or both. We can conduct a building inspection to identify these conditions. After the inspection, we prepare an inspection report and recommend measures you can take to address any issues found.

    The inspection report and recommendations are supported by laboratory analyses performed in our structural survey laboratory.
  • Identify risks posed by environmentally harmful substances in building materials

    If you are uncertain as to whether your building contains environmentally harmful substances, you can request an environmental inspection to survey and document the risk of contamination before you begin decontaminating or demolishing the building.

We work with insurance companies, housing associations, industrial companies, architects, engineers, claims service companies, contractors, municipal and regional governments, government agencies, and tradesmen, so you can get the correct assistance in a timely manner.

Contact us if you need professional assistance with your structural challenges.