We make sure that your fish farming cage system will be able to withstand the loads’ subjected to at sea.

Fish escaping is among key challenges in the fish farming industry. There are several reasons why fish escape, including poor operating routines as well as technical failures due to the structural design or mooring lines.

We combine advanced analysis with a broad understanding of how structures react and respond to different scenarios, in order to accurately determine the best possible design of your mooring system - reducing the risk of fish escape substantially. We hold decades of experience with complex offshore structural design. 

As an accredited supplier of mooring analyses – along with many other accreditations, we consider all dimensioning loads, including environmental, components as well as location-specific factors.

Our accreditations: 

  • NS 9415 / NYTEK 
  • NS ISO 17020 INSP018 
  • NS ISO 17024 PERS002

Watch the video below in full screen mode to see how the escalating waves affect the structure in simulation.

NA Image