How is amusement park machinery inspected? What categorizes amusement park machinery? Learn all about it here.

Inspection and authorization of public amusement park machinery is mandatory, whether it regards smaller machinery such as jumping pillows, trampolines and playgrounds or large roundabouts, climbing walls, roller coasters and zip wires. But how is inspection and authorization conducted?

Why inspect amusement park machinery?

Inspection and authorization is a legal requirement prerequisite for running the machinery. It also a guarantee that the machinery is safe and reliable in use and does not put your customers at risk.

At FORCE Technology, inspection of amusement park machinery takes place in compliance with our accreditation from the Danish Accreditation Fund, DANAK, and the existing standards within the field. Our educated and trained inspectors inspect the machinery, having a broad knowledge of all types of amusement park machinery and the current legislation.

The inspection includes:

  • Inspection by the commissioning of the machinery
  • Yearly inspections
  • Unannounced inspections of machinery in the category “particular risk”

How is an inspection conducted?

An amusement park machinery is inspected in close dialogue with you, the owner. During the inspection, we go through all the documentation of the machinery. If needed, we involve an expert to evaluate special circumstances.

Afterwards we go through the machinery step by step according to the current standards to make sure that all elements and details are profoundly examined. This procedure is followed to ensure that the machinery does not diverge in any aspect. We issue the booklet of inspection together with a certificate, when we have been though all the points without any remarks.

This report forms the basis of the final authorization and clearance to commissioning the adventure.

As the owner, you have the responsibility to contact the local police district to get the authorization issued.

What is an amusement park machinery?

It can be difficult to define amusement park machinery because of the many different elements at stake. A machinery can be everything from a swing on a playground, jumping pillows and roller coasters, to climbing frames and challenge tracks. Basically, the police decide what defines amusement park machinery.

A machinery is placed in categories depending on the security risk that it poses for the customers. If the machinery is placed in the category “particular risk”, the owner must take further precautions to secure the safety of the customers.

No matter the size and the security risk, all amusement park machinery must be authorized by a legal inspection agency.

Find examples of amusement park machinery in the FAQ below.

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