FORCE Technology is appointed as the Danish Assay Office, by the Danish authorities. The Danish Assay Office controls that the legislation is complied with and provides services for the trade, etc. 

The Danish Assay Office perform unannounced inspections at companies that manufacture or trade in goods of precious metals, which according to the law means gold, silver, platinum and palladium.  
To check the fineness of precious metals the Danish Assay Office take samples to be examined in our laboratories. Approximately 800-900 samples are taken each year.  
Learn more on the home page of The Danish Assay Office.

Analysis of precious metals
The Danish Assay Office performs analyses to determine the fineness of precious metals, so that the quality may be documented and you as an importer can be sure of the quality in a trade. 
According to the law, the Danish Assay Office is able to perform the analyses of the precious metals under accredited methods. These methods are all destructive.
In addition, FORCE Technology provides analysis of other metals of interest or precious metals, applying destructive as well as non-destructive methods. Furthermore, we perform layer thickness examinations. The supplementary services apply a number of different techniques along with FORCE Technology’s other analyses services.