Increase safety and reduce the risk and implications of damages or reduced service life through careful, real-time monitoring of your flexible pipelines.

Real-time data for improved decision making

Since the early nineties, FORCE Technology has taken an active part in the development of condition monitoring systems for flexible risers. We offer three systems for monitoring flexible pipelines; vent gas monitoring (VGM), polymer coupon monitoring (PCM) and load & response monitoring.

Vent gas condition monitoring (VGM) of offshore risers

Vent gas monitoring monitors vent gas rates, annulus pressure and annulus free volume, in order to determine the integrity of the flexible riser. The system looks at the main components of the flexible riser; such as the outer sheath, armour layer, the inner polymer sheath and the end-fitting. Sudden fluctuations suggest a change of integrity, which calls for action.

Polymer coupon condition (PCM) monitoring of offshore risers

Polymer coupon monitoring monitors the integrity of the polymer sheath of the flexible riser. Coupons are placed inside the pipeline in order to expose them to the exact same conditions as the riser in question. The coupons are easily retrieved for examination with our patented method for evaluating polymer integrity.

Load & response condition monitoring of offshore risers and pipelines

Load & response monitoring registers motion within the flexible riser over time in order to estimate the level of fatigue. Several techniques may be used to determine the level of fatigue, but we typically monitor critical areas, such as the bend stiffener and sag bend, which are the most fatigue prone areas of the flexible riser.

Consultancy and expertise

With FORCE Technology, you can always count on receiving expert consultancy throughout the process. Because of our extensive experience within monitoring systems in the offshore industry, we offer solutions that are tailored to your needs specifically.

Please contact us for more information or if you have any questions or inquiries.