Securing your steel constructions is the essence of non-destructive testing (NDT). We will do everything to ensure the safety of your assets and make sure they comply with requirements and standards, regulations and laws.

Specialists in inspection and testing

Failure of components, structures or welds can cause significant hazards to the environment and often leads to significant costs. Ensure safe, continuous and cost effective performance of your assets, basing decisions on reliable NDT data.

For decades, we have delivered high quality NDT services to all industries manufacturing and utilizing steel structures. Today we employ more than 150 NDT inspectors and NDT specialists; all certified according to EN 473/ISO 9712. Our local offices are ready to provide you with quality service at any given time of the day 24-7, 365.

We help you if you for instance:

  • need to know the condition of your production facilities or moving equipment, e.g. offshore installations, drilling rigs, tanks, containers, pipelines, cranes, bridges, trains, airplanes etc. We are experienced in helping you comply with your specifications.
  • have a production, which requires testing without damaging or otherwise altering the test object, e.g. heating pipe systems according to EN 13941, welded steel constructions according EN 1090, parts of boilers according to EN 12952, welding and pipelines in power plants according to EN 13480 and pressure vessels according to EN 13445.
  • are dealing with parts for the wind industry. We offer you help with everything from welded towers and other welded components to forged shafts.
  • are a building contractor and are undertaking steel construction work or have other welded, forged or molded parts manufactured and would like to ensure high quality. We here offer single visits to your supplier as well as ongoing on-site inspection during the entire building process. This provides you with the comfort that your project is delivered in accordance with your specifications.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, or if you have any questions or enquiries.

Find contact information for local inspection centres in Denmark.