Type testing and certification of personal flotation devices (PFD). FORCE Technology offer a complete approval solutions in collaboration with FORCE Certification A/S.

Devices and Directives

FORCE Technology / FORCE Certification A/S offers testing and certification according to the different directives:

European Directives

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) – Directive 89/686/ECC
Marine Equipment Directive (MarED) – Directive 96/98 EC (2002/75/EC)


FORCE Certification A/S is US Coast Guard recognized laboratory within marine equipment (SOLAS / MarED), lifejackets, emergency food and drinking water provisions, positioning indicating lights etc.

Product standards

Need product testing according to a different standard?

In case the standard you need is not listed above, please contact us and we will find a solution for your product testing requirements.

Other areas within marine equipment:

  • Component and material testing 
  • Deck safety harness
  • Emergency food and drinking water provisions   
  • Position indicating lights
  • Life rafts
  • Hydraulic and hydrostatic release units for e.g. life rafts
  • Release mechanism for lifeboats and rescue boats
  • Embarkation ladders
  • Vacuum valves / high pressure valves for oil and gas tankers