At the old Lindø Shipyard it is possible to make advanced full-scale testing of large items.

By Nanna Bastved

If you develop products that consist of many different components and parts, then system testing is a vital reliability tool. System test can identify whether the overall system actually works in operation. For example, car manufacturers can test whether the vehicle’s system works and can start at large temperature fluctuations and freezing rain.

Large components can be tested

In Denmark, full-scale system testing of large items can be a challenge for manufacturers of very large components, such as wind turbines and bridges, because large and spacious facilities are required.

At Lindoe Component and Structure Testing centre, mechanical and climatic full-scale testing of large components and systems can be performed.

The advantage of large-scale system testing is that you as a manufacturer do not have to test sub-components, because the complete full-scale product can be tested – even if it is huge. Full-scale testing is often timesaving and provides more thorough knowledge of the overall product.

Flexible and spacious test facilities

The test centre on Lindø has a climatic chamber and a mechanical test bench. The uniqueness of the facilities is that they are very flexible with the possibility to build different setups depending on what you are working on.

Both in the climatic test chamber and on the mechanical test bench, companies can perform accelerated lifetime tests with high reliability. The test results can help reduce the 'cost of energy' and ensure that the manufacturer gets a competitive design.

The climatic test chamber has a volume of approx. 900 m3, which allows for testing of very large components, structures, and complete functional systems. The three environmental parameters – temperature, humidity and salt water spray – can be controlled individually or in combination.

The mechanical test bench is specially designed for testing very large components and structural components, for instance, to document compliance with standards and design specifications. The combination of floors and walls allows for testing of simultaneous stress in three dimensions.

A good place to start looking

Lindoe Component and Structure Testing is operated as a partnership between FORCE Technology and LORC and is part of the extensive network of test facilities available in Denmark.

To provide an overview of test facilities in Denmark, the GTS network provides the website (in Danish). Here you can see the test facilities offered by the GTS network.

If you need to test your product during the development process, this website is an excellent place to begin. Here you can get an insight into what tests can be performed where and what the facilities have to offer.