Technical standards establish a common language and framework within industries. They facilitate compatibility, interoperability, safety and quality across products, processes, and systems.

The significance of standards

Through standardisation work, we help support frameworks for products and services worldwide and ensure the competitiveness of businesses.

Standards specify requirements and methods

When you sell products or services in a global world, you have to consider standards. Standards can outline a product's performance requirements, define technical terms in a given area, ensure that quality management systems are appropriate, or prescribe methods for testing a product's durability or environmental footprint.

Standards simplify the import and export of goods

Standardisation creates a common terminology, ensuring that tests, measurements and services are performed and interpreted the same way across national borders. This way, you, as a manufacturer, do not have to carry out the same test 10 times to be able to sell your products in 10 different countries.

Standards enhance efficiency and innovation

Standards streamline processes and eliminate redundancy by being a reference point for product design, implementation and documentation. They provide a basis for innovation by encouraging the development of new technologies and solutions that meet established standards. Embracing technical standards in testing and consultancy services ensures that professionals deliver optimised, compatible solutions that drive progress and meet industry demands.

Standards ensure consumer protection and quality

Standards serve as a safeguard for consumers and industry by assuring reliable and consistent products or services. Adherence to standards ensures that solutions meet applicable requirements, undergo proper testing, and adhere to quality management systems. By adhering to technical standards, testing and consultancy services, professionals prioritise consumer protection and build trust with their clients, offering solutions that have been thoroughly tested and proven to meet industry benchmarks as well as regulatory requirements.

FORCE Technology actively participates in over 87 standardisation committees, networks, and groups across various technical areas. Our engagement and in-depth knowledge of complex subject areas and technologies allow us to influence the development of new requirements and measurement methods. Regular participation enables us to communicate standard changes and future scenarios, helping businesses adapt and thrive in a dynamic.

Standards are indispensable in the realm of testing and consultancy services. They help foster harmonisation, reliability, and progress, promoting collaboration and fair competition.