Combined jack-up, dynamic positioning and marine scour engineering course in collaboration with THE ACADEMY by DHI

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More about the course

This two-day course is offered in close collaboration between DHI and FORCE Technology.

The course introduces you to aspects and implications of scour and seabed instability when positioning and jacking at a site. An understanding of the seabed, the ambient environment as well as the interaction with the rig provides valuable knowledge enabling you to make better and safe decisions.

The course is divided into two parts:

Part 1 focuses on jack-up and dynamic positioning (DP) addressing the critical phases from soft pinning to positioning and set down, the effects of weight on stability and trim combined as well as operational scenarios encompassing raising and lowering of legs, pre-loading and risk of punch-through. Related hands-on exercises take place in a virtual environment with simulators that model the physical leg and seabed interaction correctly.

Course topics:

  • DP console
  • Jacking console
  • History and types of units
  • Planning of moves and manoeuvring theory
  • DP approach
  • Station keeping, jacking systems, stability of jack-up vessels and soft pinning
  • Site-specific assessment
  • Jack-up elevated operations
  • Emergency procedures

Part 2 focuses on marine scour. Scour occurs when structures are placed on erodible beds and exposed to current and waves. Therefore, one of the most prominent risks to the stability of the jack-up vessels is scouring during the jacking phase. The assessment of the risk of scour and in turn risk of punch-through requires detailed knowledge of the local environmental and soil conditions. Thus, the course includes detailed knowledge of the hydrodynamic challenges involved in engineering assessment of jack-up vessels during operation.

Course topics:

  • Flow processes in the presence of marine structures
  • Scour around piles and complex structures
  • Scour in complex soils such as stratified beds and erodibility of soils
  • Mitigation procedures against scour
  • Hands-on exercises to determine the risk of scour and punch-through

Target group

Mariners, managers and engineers working professionally with the design and operational aspects of rigmoves.