Become a certified ultrasonic inspector and enhance your qualifications within NDT. Our ultrasonic courses start regularly and we hold courses on all levels.

The courses in ”Ultrasonic Testing” provide NDT inspectors insight and experience in using ultrasound as a test method of steel and other materials. When the courses are completed, it is possible to be certified in accordance with EN ISO 9712.

We also offer ultrasonic courses tailored to your business e.g. thickness measurement or (steel) castings. 

Since 1966, ultrasonic testing has been recognised all over the world and today the method is applied in the testing of all kinds of steel constructions.

In recent years, the development within ultrasonic testing has gone from traditional methods to more advanced and automated ultrasound methods.

As a participant on an ultrasonic course, you receive the best, basic knowledge that will benefit you, if you in the future wish to switch to one of the more advanced ultrasonic techniques. 

Description of our ultrasonic training

During the course, you get to try ultrasonic testing of welds and cast items / castings. The theory will provide the formulas necessary to perform a correct test. Our qualified instructors will guide you when the theory is translated into practice through hands-on assignments on a variety of test items.

Non destructive testing (NDT) - Course in Ultrasonic Testing
Our courses combine classic classroom teaching and demonstrations with individual, practical work.
Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT)
The individual, practical work is not only based on standard plate test specimens but also geometries known from the industries.