The T-scan course - Automated Ultrasonic Testing (AUT) is for everyone needing a thorough knowledge of automated ultrasonic thickness and corrosion mapping.

The course is relevant for technicians responsible for third party approvals of documented testing, as well as engineers, technicians and inspectors with a background in ultrasonic testing, who want a deeper knowledge of automated ultrasonic thickness and corrosion mapping.

Course content

The T-scan – AUT course combines theoretical and practical assignments, which are started and supervised by our qualified instructors. Through inspection of various test subjects with T-scan inspection techniques a good understanding of the method’s applications and an understanding of and practice in interpretation of the collected data. Home assignments are handed out and reviewed during the course.

T-scan – AUT consists of the following topics:

  • Review of T-scan software
  • Data sets (corrosion mapping)
  • Ultrasonic and measuring methods
  • Calibration of probes
  • Scanner set-up
  • Data collection
  • Evaluation and reporting
  • Procedures.

Participation requirements

Participation in T-scan – AUT requires that you are certified in level 2 ultrasonic testing in accordance with EN ISO 9712 or corresponding standard combined with years of practical experience with manual ultrasonic testing (must be documented).

Furthermore, mathematics skills must at minimum be at a secondary level as calculations are recurring in the lessons, home assignments and the exam.

Benefits from course participation

The course provides a thorough theoretical and practical education in the use of the T-scan technique. The aim is to give participants a sufficient theoretical and practical basis needed to pass an exam on T-scan – AUT. After certification, you will be able to perform automated thickness and/or corrosion mapping with T-scan unassisted in the industry.


To complete T-scan – AUT, you must pass an exam consisting of a theoretical and a practical part.

The theoretical part consists of:

  • 10 general questions on ultrasound
  • 10 specific questions on the T-scan method and data collection
  • The making of a data set for inspection of a weld.

The practical part consists of:

  • Data collection on two test subjects (thickness and corrosion)
  • Data evaluation
  • Reporting on findings.

Preconditions for the issue of a course certificate

Before being issued a T-scan – AUT course certificate, three things must be in order:

  • Visual acuity – an eye test will be performed during the course if necessary
  • The T-scan – AUT course must be completed with a passed exam
  • You must have a valid UT N2 certificate.


T-scan – AUT is sold as a complete course with a maximum number of 6 attendees. However, we also offer to make a customised course programme for your company.

As a rule, the course is held at the FORCE Technology headquarters in Brøndby, Denmark but the instruction can also take place on a location of your choosing, if all expenses are defrayed.

The course reading material and catering on the course location in Brøndby, Denmark, are included in the course fee.