The course provides an understanding of laser safety and an overview of the legal requirements.


The laser safety training course is aimed at companies, authorities and persons professionally occupied with lasers, where risk assessment requires specific know-how. The course targets laser users using laser in e.g. laser welding, laser cutting, laser shows, laboratory-, measurement- or medical lasers etc.


  • The laser - What characterizes a laser?
  • Laser types - Common lasers and industrially applied lasers
  • The biological effects of laser radiation on skin and eyes
  • Legislation and relevant standards for laser radiation
      * EC-directive 2006/25/EC
      * EN/ISO 60825-1
      * Classifikation of lasers
  • Risk assessment of optical radiation
  • Safety measures and personal protective equipment, PPE
      * Calculation of hazard distances
      * Calculation of requirements to personal protective equipment, PPE
      * Shielding
  • When accidents do happen - Managing laser incidentsCourse aim

Course aim

The training course enables the participants to better understand and assess the health and safety aspects of laser radiation, and provides an overview of current legislation relevant to the application of lasers.
The course enables the participants to evaluate laser hazards and provides a foundation for performing the statutory risk assessment in accordance with EC-directive 2006/25/EU regarding exposure to optical radiation and ensuring compliance with Arbejdstilsynets Bekendtgørelse 562 of May 26th 2010, ”Bekendtgørelse om beskyttelse mod kunstig optisk stråling i forbindelse med arbejdet”.


4 hours


The course may be held in English or Danish.