Understand safety concerns arising from INF-transports or radioactive sources when employing portable moisture and density gauges.

We carry out radiation protection courses for companies and individuals working with INF-cargo. One course is for personnel onboard INF-transports and the second is for personnel handling INF-cargo (primarily INF 1 & 2) either onboard or onshore. Both courses give a thorough insight into the safe concerns arising from the ionising radiation emitted by INF-cargos. 

Furthermore, we have courses in radiation and radiation safety when employing portable moisture and density gauges containing radioactive sources, and in radioactivity and ionizing arising from NORM (naturally occurring radioactive material). 

There are no set dates for the courses in radiation protection, but please contact us and we will find a date that suits you. We can adapt the courses to your specific needs or tailor entirely new one if you wish.