Cross-disciplinary design methods will support product and business development for small- and medium-sized businesses in the areas of servitisation and smart things.

Why acceleration of technology-driven business development?

Today, product innovation must integrate technology, design, and business into a single interaction. Danish small- and medium-sized businesses, including manufacturers of machinery, are facing major processes of change, including the implementation of digitalisation and automation within the areas of servitization and smart things. Typically, new technology cannot be implemented directly in an existing business without adjusting the business model. The tools we will develop will mitigate the most pressing challenges facing Danish small- and medium-sized businesses.

The purpose of the project

The purpose of the project is to develop methods for acceleration of high-tech product- and business development including servitization transformations. The project supports Danish SME’s and electronic developers and facilitates networks while developing new services and training material. 

Two networks have been established – one for service-professionals directed at servitization transformation, one for technology-developers directed towards smart things development - including IoT products. 

Who will benefit from the project?

The primary target group is consultancies connected with Danish small- and medium-sized businesses — particularly those that manufacture machinery, as well as businesses that are developing smart things.


This project is being conducted with business researchers from DTU, AAU and CBS to develop educational material, articles and conference materials. With AAU, we are developing and testing a new methodology and service for technology-driven business modelling and development (“From Idea to Business”). 

Labs and Assets

FORCE has several specialized facilities for testing of electronic devices and IoT Solutions.