New simulation tools are to support design, testing and operator training for advanced lifting equipment in the offshore sector.


The purpose of "Advanced lifting equipment simulation — offshore wind" is to develop simulation tools to support design, testing and operator training for advanced lifting equipment used for installing offshore wind turbines and offshore oil/gas facilities.

The goal is to develop user-configurable tools that allow manufacturers and users of lifting equipment to develop, optimise, and tune their equipment in a simulated offshore environment, with realistic forces from wind and waves. Examples of equipment to be supported include: blade yokes for mounting turbine blades, tagline systems, pile grippers for foundations, and lifting equipment for transition pieces, towers, and nacelles.

Manufacturers will also be able to test new, innovative lifting equipment concepts, such as self-lifting crane equipment for offshore servicing.

Thus, these new, simulation-based tools will allow manufacturers, users, and other lifting equipment stakeholders to:

  • Run design/feasibility simulations (in various weather conditions)
  • Develop and tune regulator systems
  • Develop operating procedures and visualise how equipment will be used
  • Evaluate and constructively expand weather operation limits
  • Train teams to use equipment
  • Perform risk evaluations of equipment

Development will be conducted in partnership with offshore sector stakeholders.

Target groups

The primary target groups are:

  • Producers of offshore wind turbines and foundations.
  • Offshore wind farm operators.
  • Installation shipping companies and crane operators.
  • Ports where installation ships are loaded.
  • Design and consulting businesses.
  • Lifting equipment producers.
Photo 1: The new crane lifting simulator at our training facilities in Lyngby. The setup is equipped with crane training cubicle, 2 joysticks and 6 large LED screens providing a 180-degree view from the crane tower. To the left, the Jack-Up console and the DP console.


Extension of SimFlex4 simulator

New SimFlex4 software is useful for planning, testing, and verification of offshore crane operations.