Adapting automatic evaluation (AE) methods will ensure objective, standardised, and faster evaluations of composite materials, welds, and concrete structures.


This activity is focused on adapting AE methods to composite materials, welds and concrete structures.

Large structures must be inspected for faults, both in production and after they have been in use for a given time. This can either be done with handheld or automated inspection equipment. Afterwards, a specialist manually evaluates the collected data. The amount of data is extensive, and the more indications of errors present, the longer the specialist will need to analyse the data.

With automatic evaluation (AE) of complex sensor data, we will make evaluation more objective and standardised, and reduce the need for specialist assessments, thus reducing analysis times from days to minutes.

Target group

The target group is companies in the production, service, and construction industries that work with inspection and quality control for wind turbines, and maintenance of large infrastructure (e.g., bridges).