Clean air technologies support development and competition in the industrial, transport and energy sectors.


An increased focus on the reduction of air pollution in the EU and UN, and the new emerging economies such as China continue to pose even greater demands for development of clean air technologies in the industrial, transport and energy sectors.

The sharpened demands create the need for technology and innovation that can support the sectors' development of new solutions. Solutions that are not only highly efficient, but can also offer minimal operating costs and energy consumption together with the longest possible lifetime. Conditions, that are crucial if the companies are to compete on the global market.

The purpose of the project is to establish an innovation platform in collaboration with stakeholders from the industrial, transport and energy sectors. The platform shall create a solid foundation for technological innovation in the area and secure valid documentation for the development of clean air technologies. This is especially relevant in regards to developing new technologies that can accommodate future regulations.

Target group

Danish manufacturers, suppliers and users of clean air technology.


The project focuses on three areas within the development, optimisation, validation and documentation of clean air technologies:

  • Design concepts. The development of design methods and criteria for choosing materials supports the adaptation of clean air solutions to the specific application as well as the system which the technology shall be used in. This will pave the way for better process and energy efficiency and increased lifetimes.
  • Measuring methods and technologies. The development of new measuring techniques, systems and methods that support technological development in these sectors is crucial if they are to develop and document more effective technologies.
  • Smart solutions. The development of intelligent clean air solutions, where the technology supports the ability to self-optimise and which can adapt more easily to specific operating conditions.

For all activities, it is crucial that developments are made in close collaboration with relevant target groups in the industrial, transport and energy sectors, just as these activities must be reconciled with the target groups and the stakeholders involved in the development work.


As a basis for the activities, FORCE Technology has close contact with the stakeholders in the clean air field, such as the National Reference Laboratory for Air Emission Monitoring in Denmark, the innovation networks INNO-MT and TINV, IGAS, IDA Kemi, DALUTEK, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency's forthcoming "Partnership for Clean Air Technology".