A new mobile test facility brings product- and service design counselling to the doorstep of the companies.


It is a great competitive advantage when the company receives the necessary knowledge and guidance in order to create the best possible products, services and physical environments from the start.

The design psychological test centre is a new mobile test facility, where we, by the use of advanced methods, will be gathering and measuring people’s thoughts, motivation, determination processes, behavioural reasoning and experiences when using specific products and services in their everyday and work lives.

The economic benefits of working on consumer experiences can be:
  • Increased revenue or market shares
  • Fewer complaints and mistakes
  • Decreased support costs 
  • Fewer costs for training of users
  • Increased user satisfaction and an improved image 
  • Longer life expectancy on the products and less need for updates/error correction.

Target group

The target group of the project is small and midsized companies that are in the early stages of their development. This could be designers and developers of complex products and services like toys, food, medical equipment or experiences e.g. amusement, travel, entertainment or wellness. 

Our examinations will reveal in which ways the products can be optimised to be more user-friendly and attractive for the users.

Engineers and advisors working in the cross field between physical environment and consumer behaviour are another relevant target group. 

We can advise them regarding optimal layout of stores, hotels, transportation systems or hospitals.


We will apply the latest methods within measuring technics and the latest scientific psychological knowledge combined with observations.

The advantage of the test facility is that it enables testing at the company’s own premises and out in “the real world” instead of inside a laboratory.  This way the tests are performed in the same environment as the products or services are used. Hereby we combine the precise measurements of the laboratory with the realism of field studies.