A better ecosystem for IoT development will ensure that Danish businesses remain competitive.

Why IoT ecosystem?

IoT solutions are composed of many different parts where each part must be of high quality, and all parts must be well-integrated to provide a usable, functioning and scalable solution. To achieve the necessary level of integration, all the IoT suppliers must be able to work together across the ecosystem in an easy, well-structured and familiar way for the benefit of the IoT solution owner. 

Purpose of IoT ecosystem project

The purpose of the project is to strengthen the digitalisation of Danish companies and society through the most well-functioning ecosystem for the development of IoT Solutions. 

As part of the project, FORCE has created the Nordic IoT Centre as a hub for all the different actors in the IoT Ecosystem. The Nordic IoT Centre has an Advisory Board that acts as a sounding board for the deliveries of the project. The vision of the Nordic IoT Centre is to make Denmark the best place to use and develop IoT Solutions.

The main deliveries from the project are:

  • A model of the IoT ecosystem to be help the IoT solution owner to navigate in the ecosystem and to support the cooperation between suppliers.
  • A delivery model allowing IoT solutions owners to control joined deliveries by the ecosystem and to support joined deliveries by the suppliers.
  • A method and toolbox for troubleshooting IoT solutions. 
  • Services – delivered by FORCE Technology through the Nordic IoT Centre – based on the above described items to help companies getting started with IoT, to help companies build and troubleshoot IoT solutions.

Furthermore, the project is to collect a lot of IoT knowledge, publish papers and articles, conduct master classes in IoT, etc. Below is an illustration of the model for the IoT Ecosystem, illustrating the primary roles in the delivery of an IoT solution. 

Conducting the project, FORCE Technology has gained unique insights on how to develop IoT Solutions in an ecosystem-based manner – and has acquired a second-to-none understanding of the ecosystem and the specifics of each individual actor. Combined with the impartial and independent position as RTO-institute, this makes FORCE Technology one of the leading authorities on IoT in Denmark. 

Who will benefit from the IoT ecosystem?

The results of this project are geared primarily toward:

  • Specialists in the development of IoT systems and units
  • Small- and medium-sized businesses in the mechatronics industry that want to go digital with IoT
  • Companies and public actors that need to roll out IoT system


This project is being conducted in collaboration with the Alexandra Institute.

Furthermore, FORCE Technology is taking the knowledge and insights from this project into its general community work. You can find an overview of the IoT-related communities where we are active here.