A cloud-based system route optimisation will provide safer and more efficient traffic at sea.

Purpose of the project

EfficienSea2 is a European e-Navigation project, partly funded by the Horizon 2020 programme. The overall goal is to create improved tools and new e-services for efficient, safe and sustainable traffic at sea through improved communication. The tools will also diminish administrative burdens.

One of the E-services; The Maritime Cloud is a communication framework that will enable efficient, secure and reliable exchange of information in the maritime sector.

As a partner in EfficienSea2 FORCE Technology will guide the user centred design process applied throughout the project and develop Maritime Cloud based services for route optimisation. 

Target group

Maritime companies of all sizes are expected to gain safety and efficiency from the project. This could be ship-owners, operators, authorities, service providers and product suppliers.


The use of Human Factors within the maritime sector is of great importance to safety, efficiency and performance capabilities. This is why Human Factors knowledge is an essential component of EfficienSea2. We will include our profound Human Factors knowledge in the development and implementation of the e-Navigation services and the Maritime Cloud.

In order to improve the communication level on a global scale in the maritime sector, the most beneficial processes for achieving efficient communication will be identified. 

Throughout the course of the project, we will apply a user-oriented approach to the design process. This means actively involving the users to improve the usability connected to safety-critical as well as ordinary work tasks carried out by the employees alone and or in teams.

The improved usability will contribute to systems that are easier to understand and apply. It will also increase user friendliness, productivity and the experienced product quality as well as reduce stress.
The Maritime Cloud