Accelerated implementation of materials and surface solutions.

Purpose of the project

Fast Track is a Societal Partnership that aims at facilitating rapid access for the Danish industry to world leading advanced materials technology.

Industries, knowledge institutes and universities are aligned in a single-point-of-contact and will work together on the implementation of advanced materials solutions in order to improve the competitive position of Danish industry.

We will also establish a systematic model for partnering between companies and knowledge institutions to give companies easy research assistance in solving materials issues. Over time, the partnership will be developed into an industry portal proper.

Target group

Danish industries facing challenges with short service life of critical components, implementation of new materials in production or in search of inspiration for innovation.


As something completely new, the collaboration model will use industrial project managers leading cross-organizational mini-projects – called Fast Tracks – staffed by the best experts from all the involved partners.

The expert team will meet monthly to identify the nature of the incoming materials challenges and which knowledge partners are capable of providing the best solution. Depending on the problem there are two types of project activities: Fast tracks and R&D tracks.

Fast Tracks offer a rapid response of less than 6 months to acute materials problems. Each Fast Track will be returned to the company with one or more solution proposals containing time line, required partners and price offer.

R&D tracks cover advanced materials problems from the industry partners over a longer time period.

Ensuring match with industry needs

The Fast Tracks are backed up by three R&D-platforms dealing with:
  1. Characterization and failure analysis
  2. Materials and surface solutions
  3. Test, modelling and validation.
These platforms will not only provide services to the Fast Tracks, but will also ensure that the industry’s needs will guide future development of advanced materials.

Do you want to participate? 

If your company is facing material challenges within the scope of this project feel free to contact Lars Nøhr-Nielsen and let’s discuss if the challenge fits a Fast Track project.