Large-scale AM priducts are to ensure greater production speeds, more cost/effective use of materials and greater economic potential for the Danish industry.


The project supports the industrialisation of large-scale additive manufacturing (AM) through industrial demo cases. The technology, which is new to Denmark, will be rolled out to the industry while creating certainty regarding its properties and industrial scalability.

The project will bring 3D laser cladding technology into a more mature state together with foreign actors, rolling it out in the Danish market in order for Danish industry to benefit from the advantages of this technology.

These advantages include much greater production speeds, more cost-effective use of materials, metre-scale production instead of centimetre-scale production (current AM technologies in Denmark are focused on centimetre-scale production) and opportunities to combine different materials and properties. This technology also holds great economic potential for the industry as regards re-manufacturing, in which defective, high-value components are repaired instead of being discarded, often improving their properties in the process.

Comprehensive adoption of AM technologies in the industry (both existing ones and 3D laser cladding), however, requires that these products and their quality be trusted. For this reason, we have planned this activity as a complete project covering not only a 3D laser cladding rollout in the manufacturing and repair sectors, but also characterisation, quality assurance, and post-processing of AM products in general.

Target groups

The primary target group is the metal manufacturing industry and users of metal products. Particular emphasis will be placed on small- and medium-sized businesses in their role as subcontractors for larger businesses.


Close partnership with universities, AM-Hub, and businesses, with demo cases.