The Industry’s Composite Laboratory (IKL), aims to provide small and medium businesses with knowledge relating to the design, manufacturing and quality control of composite materials – particularly in applications where traditional materials such as steel, aluminimum or wood can be substituted with composite materials.

Why use composites?

Fiber-reinforced polymer materials (FRP) – or composites – often provide an advantage over conventional materials. A combination of higher stiffness and strength means that a component made from composites can weigh less. 

It is also possible to produce curved surfaces and complex geometries in a single piece. Another advantage of composites is that they can be used in environments where corrosion is an issue, for example off-shore applications.

What IKL can do for you

IKL is the total solution provider for composite material applications and can assist in all stages of product development from the initial concept design right through to small-run production parts. The project partners in IKL have experience with a variety of composite applications and can provide help in the areas of:
  • Material selection
  • Structural design
  • Production processes
  • Component testing
  • Quality control

FORCE Technology is also a leading manufacturer of ultrasonic measurement equipment which allows for non-destructive inspection of composite parts. With this technology, latent defects in the material such as, internal wrinkles and air bubbles (porosity), can be detected before the finished component leaves the factory.

How to become a part of IKL

Does your company manufacture products that could benefit from the advantages of composite materials? This could include; new design possibilities, stream-lined production processes, better quality assurance and more sustainable materials. If so, please contact us for further discussion.