Adapting the legal metrology services must underpin a digital and sustainable society.


These years, the adaptation of the metrological services to market needs is particularly topical in relation to the digitisation and green transition.

This project aims to develop new metrological services to support testing and approval of future digital metering, including:
  • Software download to update meters instead of replacing these
  • The use of virtual tests to replace tests on physical test stands
  • Approval of meters for the settlement of non-fossil energy (hydrogen and electricity)
  • Real-life measurements based on dynamic methods of calibration
  • Digital integration of metrological data in the traceability chain
FORCE Technology has been designated as a reference laboratory by the Danish Safety Technology Authority in several areas within the fundamental metrology and as a notified body in areas of legal metrology.


The primary audience is the manufacturing industry, which needs access to high-quality metrological services. The audience includes both small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and manufacturers of measuring devices, as well as their network of subcontractors who supply parts and components to the manufacturers.

Add to those, the companies' internal testing and calibration departments, authorities, public companies and others.

The project will to a large extent involve members of the experience exchange networks within the Danish Center for Legal Metrology (CLM) and followers of Flowcenter Danmark, both bringing together representatives from manufacturing and subcontractors as well as supplies and other laboratories.

Previous projects

Metrological infrastructure builds on the knowledge and results of the projects "Measuring water use" and "Maintaining metrological infrastructure in Denmark."