Printed electronics technology offers new and alternative processes for electronics manufacturing – thereby enhancing the possibilities for novel and promising solutions for product development and manufacturing within consumer electronics, packaging or pharmaceuticals.

Why printed electronics?

Electronic devices have been manufactured for more than 60 years using a multiple-step sequence of photolithographic and chemical processing, resulting in the creation of electronic circuits on silicon or other semiconductor materials. 

Printed electronics technology refers to an alternative process for electronics manufacturing, in which standard graphic and printing processes are used to produce various kinds of electronic devices. This is done by fabricating conductive traces on a rigid or flexible, and usually organic, substrate.

The technology offers unique characteristics, such as novel form factors (ultra-thin, flexible, stretchable), a variety of substrates (plastics, textiles, paper), a simple manufacturing process, and inexpensive mass production. These properties create the potential for a wide range of novel and promising applications in several areas, such as consumer electronics, packaging or pharmaceuticals.

The purpose of the project

The purpose is to deliver demonstrators that show the value of using printed electronics in products and services. In addition to this, we are drafting whitepapers on the applications of printed electronics. This includes applications such as:

  • E-skin for over-strain detection during pipe transportation
  • Multi-point surface temperature measurements for batteries
  • Smart container with liquid level sensor
  • Portable device for monitoring the concentration of multiple hazardous and toxic gases
  • Wireless health patch for human respiration monitoring
  • Stock-Level Monitoring Smart Shelve
  • RFID logger for perishable goods supply chain 

Services related to the project

Printed electronics is part of our expertise when designing IoT solutions and building IoT solutions, when low cost, flexibility and flatness is part of the solution. We can also look specifically into how to integrate printed electronics into your existing products. 

Who will benefit from the printed electronics project?

The primary target group of this project is manufacturers of electronic products within consumer electronics, packaging, pharmaceuticals and similar.


The printed electronics project is conducted in cooperation with the Danish Technological Institute.