Virtual listening panels must expand opportunities and support existing methods of sound quality measurements.


Via the project, SenseLab, a department within FORCE Technology, will develop services based on a virtual listening panel (VLP).

The development of a virtual listening panel is based on data from listening experiments that are used to train predictive models using tools within Artificial Intelligence (Machine learning, deep learning).

A virtual listening panel will be able to replace certain specific evaluations and thus complement existing sound quality evaluations based on listening experiments with listening panels.

The human ear (the listening panel) will still be considered the most credible method of assessment for several years, but a virtual listening panel will be able to complement and broaden the possibilities of sound quality measurements and benefit particularly smaller companies


The primary audience includes developers and manufacturers of a wide range of audio products, including:
  • loudspeakers
  • headphones
  • hearing aids
  • hearables
  • and the like
Also, the project is of relevance to other stakeholders are using sound in various contexts.
Designing products using a virtual listening panel
Designing products using a virtual listening panel
We incorporate human perception in product development



SenseLab listening tests and sensory evaluation of hi-tech products.