Microsensors will monitor the ambient air of the future.


Gas and particle sensors can ensure better monitoring and oversight of ambient air for the future of the Danish clean air sector.  

In this project, we wish to create a strong development and testing environment for gas and particle sensors that companies in the Danish clean air sector will be able to access when sensors in new measurement technologies and solutions must be tested and validated.

With AeroSense, we will develop and demonstrate new technological services within:

Calibration of sensors and microsensor systems

Design, testing, and validation of sensor-based solutions, including testing in relation to the various environmental conditions that systems will operate in

Monitoring solutions for continuous oversight of development and variation in pollution parameters.

Through a series of demonstration projects, we will reveal and demonstrate the potential of using microsensors for monitoring ambient air.

Target group

The target group is the Danish clean air sector, including:

Manufacturers of air purification equipment
Manufacturers and suppliers of measurement equipment
A wide range of companies within
The transport/maritime sector


In this project, we will involve collaborators from the industry, and from both private and public research institutions.