Strategic service development for small- and medium-sized industrial businesses.


Within the recent years, we have seen an increase of demands for customer-centric solutions (costumer pull) causing a huge development in technology (technology push). This progress has enabled a rapid development of new services and business models, hereby changing the way companies are competitive.

Purpose of 

The purpose of Servitize.DK is to improve competitiveness, growth, and value creation of small- and medium-sized Danish businesses by helping them transform their business - from selling a product to selling services – and thereby creating a new value proposition. 

The transformation is based on both offering services supporting the product and services supporting the client.

Who will benefit from the project?

The primary target group for Servitize.DK is small- and medium-sized businesses across industries in Denmark.


In the project, FORCE Technology collaborates with the other two Danish GTS institutes, “Teknologisk Institut” and “Alexandra Instituttet”, and with business researchers from Copenhagen Business School and Aalborg University who develop methodologies and services for technology-driven business modelling, educational material, articles and conference materials.