Knowledge enhances the manoeuvering performance of ships.


The overall aim of FORCE Technology’s contributions to is to develop a digital twin concept related to the manoeuvring performance of ships.

Based on comprehensive sensor input from real ships, a high-precision shore based digital twin representing the maneuvering performance of the ship will be maintained through an innovative self-tuning AI/Machine Learning scheme.

The digital twin for manoeuvring performance will include influence from actual loading condition, hogging/sagging, trim, draft, shallow water and be interfaced to digital twins for other components like engine performance, fouling models, thrusters, rudders, propellers etc.

The main value proposition of the proposed digital twin concept is related to very precise – and always updated - knowledge of the actual manoeuvring performance of the vessel which will benefit design optimization (also in case of retrofitting e.g. bulbous bows and/or propulsion devices), optimization of onboard operation and simulator based training. 

Target group

The main target groups are ship owners, ship designers and consultants. 


Official partner of the project are the Danish Technological University (DTU), Scandlines and 24 other partners. For more information, visit