Sensors, the Internet of Things, big data, and advanced data analysis will secure new solutions for smart infrastructure facility monitoring, beginning with the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link.

Why DigiMON?

The coming investments in the Femern Belt connection contain a vast potential for increased digitalization of infrastructure solutions. The potential is related to the technical advances within sensors, IoT, Big Data, and advanced data analysis. These create possibilities for developing smarter and more cost-effective solutions, both in relations to predicting and planning maintenance of infrastructures, and through monitoring of emissions.

The purpose of DigiMON

FORCE Technology and the Alexandra Institute have established a strategic collaboration for developing and testing new solutions for monitoring infrastructures such as the Femern Belt connection. The project is focused on achieving:

  • Monitoring corrosion on concrete reinforcement
  • Energy harvesting and wireless transmissions in concrete
  • Monitoring workforce exposure to dust and air pollution
  • Monitoring environment exposure to dust and air pollution
  • IT-platforms for smarter monitoring of critical infrastructure

The delivery of FORCE Technology is:

  • Novel concrete corrosion sensors
  • Wireless and IoT based solutions for monitoring concrete reinforcement corrosion
  • Monitoring air polution for worker safety
  • Energy harvesting solutions specific to tunnels and bridges

Who will benefit from DigiMon?

The target groups for the activities are: Operators of traffic infrastructure, contractors and owners of constructions, construction client advisors, suppliers of building materials, suppliers of electronics and electronic systems, software developers, service companies, and public authorities. 


DigiMON is conducted in partnership with the Alexandra Institute.