Optimising pharmaceutical and biotech production through technology

The pharmaceutical and biotech industries’ contributions to ensuring global health and safety are imperative in times of worldwide crisis and population growth.

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Global health depends on infrastructure, innovative solutions and worldwide cooperation

The COVID-19 pandemic underlined how health infrastructure, innovative solutions and worldwide cooperation are imperative for ensuring global health. With the rise in population growth and longer life expectancy, the need for global distribution of effective medicinal products is only getting larger.

Efficient, compliant productions are key for pharmaceutical and biotech companies

At FORCE Technology, we believe efficient productions are one of the key parameters for pharmaceutical and biotech companies to deliver high-quality medicinal solutions globally while staying compliant with high regulatory requirements. Therefore, we apply our impartiality and wide range of technological expertise to help pharmaceutical and biotech companies optimise their productions with digital and sustainable technological solutions. 

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Support throughout a facility's lifetime

We support companies during the design and building phase, operations and maintenance, documentation, QA and compliance. Thereby, our mission is to help companies: 

  • improve cost-efficiency and optimise lead-end delivery times
  • minimise downtime
  • meet regulatory and QA demands
  • produce safer and most sustainably
  • implement the best technological solution available. 

Impartial, flexible and accountable partner for pharmaceutical and biotech companies

The key to a safe and sustainable technological investment is flexibility, creative thinking and technical insight to identify the appropriate solutions to meet the needs and help achieve the desired results.

We help companies through major technological transformations: Whether it is uncovering the largest potential or solving the biggest challenge, we provide safety and value based on impartiality, confidentiality and knowledge.

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Designing and renovating production sites

Design, build and validate environmentally friendly production sites to enable minimum resource consumption and maximum effect.
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Optimising operations and production line maintenance

Unleash the full potential of your production lines to achieve maximum capacity without compromising quality.
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Complying with quality requirements and standard regulations in production lines

Quality assessment, approval, and documentation as assurance for compliance with existing requirements.
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What are the life science industry’s biggest technological challenges?

New report maps the technological challenges with digitalization and green transformation in life science companies.
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Case: How can a digital twin and AI facilitate more intelligent decision-making in any production facility?
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