Laser welding improves quality and productivity – simultaneously. FORCE Technology possesses knowledge and equipment to laser weld your items.

Do you weld in large wall thickness or in thin foils? Or in between? Laser welding can increase quality and productivity - at the same time, so you get faster production and better products simultaneously.

Laser welding opens up new possibilities

With laser welding, it is possible to weld thinner or thicker materials than by any other method. In addition, you save time on finishing and money on less scrapping. Laser welding may increase productivity by its speed and, due to automation laser welding ensures a consistent, low error rate.

Compared to traditional MIG/MAG and TIG welding processes, laser welding gives you:

  • shorter process time and thus increased productivity
  • lower heat input and thus less deformation
  • automated welding resulting in a uniform quality
  • control of the heat so that even ultrathin or very thick items become weldable.
Laser welding is not the answer for all types of joining, but when there are particular requirements for the items or productivity has to be increased, laser welding may often be the only and less expensive solution.

Laser welding may reduce costs

Laser welding may lower the costs in weld production. High welding velocity results in increased productivity, and a higher quality and less scrapping are typically achieved. Laser welding reduces thermal deformations and stresses, and the dimensions of the item remain practically unchanged after welding. At the same time, you achieve a finer surface quality with less spraying and a narrower weld seam. 

Fields of application of laser welding include e.g.:
  • nozzle houses, high volume, high velocity
  • window lists in aluminium for double-glazed windows
  • plastic welding in the pharmaceutical industry
  • thick plate welding with laser-hybrid welding.
  • welding of magnets
The fields of application are numerous and the laser weldable materials include:
  • construction steel
  • stainless steel and alloys
  • aluminium
  • titanium
  • plastics
  • items holding magnets or electronics or other temperature-sensitive components such as sensors.
Most often, you get the optimal result if laser welding is part of the component design from the start. Bring FORCE Technology with you as advisor already in the design fase, we have the skills to help you further.

Let us help you get started with laser welding

Whether you consider starting your own production of laser-welded items, or just need a few components per year, FORCE Technology can assist you with consulting, testing, prototyping and production in:
  • design of items and joint preparation
  • tolerances
  • choice of laser type (YAG, CO2, diode, disc or fiber laser)
  • laser safety
  • pilot production.
In our laser welding center, we provide turnkey assistance from design of the item to actual pilot production in our laboratory. We possess all types of lasers in the industry, with effects from 60 W to 16,000 W. Whether you have to weld 0.05 mm or 50 mm thick items, you need help getting started, or require assistance for actual production, FORCE Technology holds the necessary laser and know-how.