The development of a novel welding procedure can be time consuming and the implications and requirements difficult to assess. Let us assist you in bringing your welding application all the way from concept to actual prototype.

Proof of concept with novel welding procedure

Whether you need a welding procedure for welding of struts in the splash zone of an offshore foundation or for the welding of the exhaust nozzle of a space-going rocket, a water faucet or a joint in a bridge, FORCE Technology is there to back your development with know-how and hands-on R&D all the way to an actual prototype.

We develop the new welding procedure including:
  • Definition of success criteria and alignment of expectations
  • Parameter window to allow for production tolerances
  • Definition of applicability and scope
  • Welding tests in own laboratory or on site
  • Prototyping.
We can provide you with the new welding procedure including all required documentation and testing all the way to an actual prototype, giving you proof of concept without disrupting your production line. The final welding procedure gives you all the data and confidence you need in order to implement it into your production.

In need of a new welding procedure, but cannot afford the time?

If you are looking into a new welded product, pondering new materials or new applications, and in need of a novel welding procedure to assure you of the welding feasibility and a parameter window to ensure real-life reproducibility, we are eager to help you.

Whatever the joint or application, we offer impartial advisory in terms of:
  • Development of novel welding procedure, i.e. parameters
  • Optimum welding method (GTAW, GMAW, SMAW, Plasma-, Laser welding)
  • Process window
  • Joint geometry
  • Materials choice and constraints
  • Validation and testing.
Our know-how allows us to choose from all common welding and joining processes, assisting you in choosing and developing the best joining method for your application, saving you valuable development time and assuring proof-of-concept, and a well-documented process, ready for direct implementation in your production line.

Developing novel welding procedures since 1941

FORCE Technology has been developing novel welding procedures since its establishment in 1941, and our knowledge base extends from the earliest joining methods through traditional arc welding to plasma- and modern-day laser and laser/hybrid welding.

We have developed welding procedures for:
  • Manufacturers of aerospace components
  • The automotive industry
  • Ship-building
  • Wind turbine generators
  • Manufacturers of household appliances. 

As various applications, as bridges and pipelines on one end and medical devices and particle accelerator components on the other end, have gone through welding procedure development and prototyping at FORCE Technology, your next application could too.