Independent and unbiased Quality Rating Reports help specialists, product owners and marketeers objectively compare and measure premium earbuds and identify their strengths and weaknesses.

How well do premium earbuds really work?

The convenience and portability of truly wireless earbuds have made them increasingly popular among consumers. As demand for high-quality audio devices rises, the market for premium earbuds expands.

The SenseLab Quality Rating Report report intends to offer companies and people interested in the earbud product segment a list of rating and score results for audio quality and consumers' most desired features. 

The report features five products that are chosen based on their market-leading position in the high-end premium segment, with a price range from $200 and above, all with active noise cancellation.  

The winner depends on preference

The report structure is based on evaluations of five parameters:

  • Music
  • Call
  • Battery life
  • Bluetooth
  • Total noise cancellation.

For some people, audio quality matters the most when buying earbuds. Others prioritise speech performance or depend on the product's battery's ability to last from London to New York. Removing a noisy background while on public transportation is most important for others. 

Introduction offer on SenseLab Quality Report on premium earbuds:

  • Download the majority of the report for free – for internal use only
  • Get access to Section Music Expert evaluation - for internal use only – for EUR 5,500
  • Use the SenseLab Quality Rating Report results for marketing purposes provided that FORCE Technology approves its use and wording - Price EUR 7,500

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