Get optimal operation and the lowest possible energy consumption at new and existing heating installations, in both production, supply and distribution.

Condition and life span assessment of energy plants

FORCE Technology carries out condition and life span assessments in connection with handovers, renovations or damage of energy plants etc. It gives us a basis for assessing future repairs and investments.  

Furthermore, we prepare investment and operation budgets for repair, renovation and handover so that you know the expenses involved.

If you want to optimise the existing energy-producing plant or the end user plant, we can prepare a project proposal. The operation conditions have often changed considerably since the plant and building were projected and built.Therefore, you can often obtain substantial cost reductions by an energy optimisation.

Our experts help analyse whether you are to renovate, preserve or replace the plant. We prepare a baseline with advantages/disadvantages so that you get an overview of the possibilities.

Utilisation of waste heat

FORCE Technology prepares an analysis, a project proposal and carries out projects to utilise waste heat from for instance industrial processes. Initially, we prepare an analysis and project proposal including budget and payback period to uncover potential possibilities of utilising the waste heat. Contact us to get more information.

Conversion to district heating

If you are to convert a former oil and gas-fired plant to heating through district heating, insufficient heating and regulation problems are often met in the start-up phase after the conversion. 

Especially at the conversion of the heat supply to a stringed radiator system, often not all the radiators can be supplied with sufficient water flow at the same time as sufficient cooling of the district heating water has to be achieved. There may be many reasons for the problems:

  • Wrong dimensioning of the heat exchanger
  • Wrong regulation of flow temperature
  • Problems with sludge and additives in the heat exchanger and piping
  • Problems with the plant construction and possibilities of effective removal of accumulations of air
  • Insufficient regulation possibilities of water pipes and heating surfaces.
We help you to survey reasons for inadequate heating, project necessary plant changes and undertake the subsequent regulation.

Negotiations of rates and accounting systems

When changing the form of energy in properties and institutions, achievement of a good future heating economy will depend on the fixing of the heat price. Both at the beginning of the delivery and in the long term, the price is to be at the price level that you expected when choosing the new energy form, and which was the basis of the payback period of the investments in connection with the conversion.

As regards large plants and long contract periods, rather considerable amounts are negotiated. Therefore, it is important that price as well as price regulation are set correctly, just as it is important to incorporate possibilities of renegotiation in the heat contracts.

We assist in connection with contract negotiations at energy conversion or at renegotiation of heat contracts where the price regulation no longer meets the conditions.

Contact us if you need to know how you optimise your energy plant.