Calibration and maintenance services for MIC Smoke Measuring Equipment, type EC-912.


According to requirements in common quality control systems, all test equipment for validating measurements shall be included in a calibration program

FORCE Technology offers calibration and maintenance services for MIC Smoke Measuring Equipment, type EC-912.

A MIC calibration consists of:

  • Pre-cleaning measurement
  • Wipe test of radioactive source (leak prevention)
  • Cleaning of MIC chamber & Alpha source
  • Replacement of air filter in flow control unit
  • Calibration against the MIC reference chamber. MIC chambers with deviations higher than 3% from MIC World Reference Chamber is adjusted.


The results of the calibration are presented in two documents: “Pre cleaning measurement” and “Certificate of Calibration”.

FORCE Technology reference material complies with requirements of EN 54-7:2000/A2:2006 Annex M. Calibration is traceable to DFM (dimension) and NPLA (temperature, humidity and pressure).

MIC/Mirex calibrations are not a part of FORCE Technology’s accredited calibration services.

Please note

For MIC calibration service you only need to send us the EC-912-10 MIC measuring ionization chamber. In case you want us to verify the controller and the Flow Control Unit (incl. cleaning) you can add the cabinet with the EC-912-20/25 MIC control unit and the EC-912-40 MIC Flow Control Unit.

To ensure sufficient insurance and a smooth and regular handling in the customs, please use the price of 10,000 EUR for one MIC system on your proforma invoices.