The easy-to-use ship performance monitoring tool helps shipowners, operators and technical managers optimise voyage planning and ship efficiency, reducing emissions and fuel costs.

Operating maritime vessels is expensive, and onboard consumption of fuels negatively impacts the environment. Over time, the performance of a ship will deteriorate due to erosion and fouling of the hull and propeller. 

SeaTrend leads to significant financial savings

The onboard decision support system automatically tracks exact data on current performance, determining whether the ship performs as expected in terms of speed and fuel consumption and providing statistics that help plan optimal dry docking and hull and propeller cleaning intervals. It can also aid compliance with IMO goals to reduce vessel emissions.

Fully integrated plug-and-play tool is easy to use and logs data automatically

The SeaTrend data collection box connects to existing onboard sensors and the internet, by default collecting main performance parameters like vessel speed, course, heading, draft, trim and list. Installing and using it requires no specific skills, and the box can easily be installed or uninstalled by crew members with no downtime.

Born from solid experience with hydro- and aerodynamics 

SeaTrend is developed by expert naval engineers with unique knowledge regarding the forces and physics surrounding ships. We have performed model testing on maritime and offshore constructions in our towing tank and wind tunnel facilities since 1959 and have a proven track record in analysing maritime data and advising on ways to help improve vessel performance and reduce emissions.

Futureproof onboard decision support tool for any fuel source

The green transition of the maritime industry is well underway, with new fuel sources like ammonia, methanol and hydrogen expected to complement or replace fossil fuels in the foreseeable future. SeaTrend is fuel-agnostic and can be used with any maritime fuel type.

SeaTrend is the safe choice for anyone who needs easily accessible accurate statistics about vessel performance to make financially and environmentally beneficial decisions about planning, performance and maintenance - now and in the future.

Examples of what customers have achieved with SeaTrend

  • Fuel savings of 5% on average for an entire fleet
  • Hull cleaning saved 5 tonnes of fuel per day 
  • Hull and propeller cleaning saved 8 tonnes of fuel per day
  • CII rating and prediction
  • Data collection for MRV and DCS.