Make sure to have your slot machines inspected and approved according to existing legislation. The process is simple, we have solid experience and are accredited by DANAK

Your access to the Danish market

Slot machines must be endorsed by the Danish Gambling Authority to be legally offered on the market. The authorisation grants your customers a guarantee that your gambling system or slot machine operates correctly and generates the pledged winnings.

Our inspection and approval of your slot machines can give you access to the Danish market. The process is simple and easy, as we have in-depth knowledge of the Danish rules and regulations and communicate with the local authorities in the Danish language.

Independent and accredited body

FORCE Technology is an independent body accredited by DANAK for inspection and approval of physical slot machines in Denmark. 

Inspection of physical slot machines

Our inspection of your slot machines gives you several benefits:

  • Includes inspection of slot machines in preparation for sealing and re-sealing
  • Conducted according to the existing Danish legislation
  • Based on more than 50 years of experience with inspections of physical slot machines and more than 20 years of experience with casino inspections.

Access to other countries in Northern Europe and Scandinavia

We also inspect slot machines for use on markets outside Denmark. If you have questions regarding certification in Northern Europe and Scandinavia please contact.