Service design is the core of servitization. But turning service strategy into a customer-centric and profitable service concept in your business model is not a trivial task.

Service design – meeting customer needs with digital technology

Servitization is a major change. A shift from being product-focused to becoming customer value focused. To achieve this change, you need to put as much effort into your service design as you put into your product design. And your service design will impact your future digital product design.

FORCE Technology has developed an approach to service design for you to use. The approach is proven in action in real life projects with both small and large production companies. The approach is based on digitisation of products – such as IoT-enabling - as the basis for the service design.

A servitization strategy is the optimal starting point for your service design – please see Strategy for servitization for understanding the strategy process.

How to do service design?

The FORCE Technology approach to service design with basis in product digitisation looks like this:

Designing services for servitization

Having the service strategy in place, the service ideation is based on design thinking as the basic method. The tools applied in the ideation and framing phase are customer journey maps, personas, customer experience assessments, service prototyping and business process design. The value proposition design will be made in an agile, iterative process using design panels and different observation techniques, context studies, feasibility studies and assessment and validation methods - please see Value propositioning with IoT.

The service design process will – as the service ideation unfolds – piece together a service design specification for the service proposition in question.

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