IoT projects have many stakeholders, many different parts and many internal and external suppliers. To succeed with IoT projects, you need experience to guide you safely from idea to solution.

IoT solutions require many parts and many suppliers

IoT solutions are characterized by many different parts that must integrate seamlessly – delivered by many different suppliers that must work together to create the seamless experience. Therefore, many organisations do not have the experience, capabilities or capacity to drive IoT projects in-house. 

FORCE Technology can help you drive your IoT project from from business development through to the final operations of the solution on the market. We act as both your project manager, process advisor, IoT solutions architect and business developer - in one word, as your IoT client advisor. We can ensure a market relevant and market ready IoT solution – based on a safe and efficient development process.

We apply many years of experience within IoT innovation combined with a unique position in the IoT ecosystem. As approved Research and Technology Organisation (RTO), FORCE Technology is the impartial and independent advisor on IoT in Denmark. In this capacity, we head Nordic IoT Centre that brings the IoT users and IoT suppliers together and supports them with delivery services.

In IoT projects for public organisations, we can operate in accordance with the cross-governmental Information and Communication Technology (ICT) project model or the KOMBIT Project Model.

The IoT ecosystem delivers but needs to be managed

In the role as IoT client advisor, we can deliver:

  • Project management - delivered by our experienced IoT project managers and supported by specific methods and tools for IoT delivery.
  • Business development services management. Becoming an IoT solution provider requires a major change in the business roles, processes and competences. We can help you orchestrate this transformation. 
  • IoT solution design – read more about IoT solution design here
  • Process advisory – forming, preparing and planning each step of developing an IoT solution.
  • Solutions architecture. FORCE Technology has dedicated IoT architects that can cover the full range from electronics over network services to data solution.
  • IoT market navigation. Heading Nordic IoT Centre, FORCE Technology maintains a structured overview of the IoT suppliers, their skills, delivered IoT solutions and delivery alliances. This insight is used to navigate in each step of the process.

Read more about building IoT solutions here.

We will assign a project manager to you for the whole process from idea to solution. The project manager will – depending on the needs in a specific process step – consult with our specialists in other fields.