IoT knowledge

Over the years, we have gathered knowledge and experiences within IoT to share with our customers and stakeholders.

We enable complex smart IoT solutions through innovation, design, data, technology and servitization. Both the processes and results generate knowledge and learnings that our customers and the society can benefit from.

Processes and results are documented though cases, short videos and in-depth articles and publications. 

To stay updated with the newest articles, white papers and other relevant news, check out the knowledge, events, courses and training we share.

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Digital twin at Kold college

Make better dairy production decisions


Digital twins and Augmented Reality help improve Clean-In- Place planning at Arla Foods facility.

White paper: Product Service Systems


Interested in getting a general understanding of Product Service Systems in production companies?

White paper: Best practices for IoT data validation


This white paper gives an overview of the best practices to validate IoT data

White Paper


Troubleshooting IoT projects: Software, hardware, data collection, analysis and testing.

Guide: Getting started with IoT


Everything you need to know to get started with IoT.

Meet an expert in datadriven maintenance


Get practical tips on improving cost-efficiency, safety, asset lifetime and quality.

CAST - Centre for Advanced Sensor Technologies


The new centre will help make the world more sustainable with advanced sensors.

White paper: Data spaces in Denmark


How does one go about using data for new applications or services?

White paper: Internet of Skills


Perspectives on the Internet of Skills: the next tech wave?

Whitepaper: An introduction to 5G


An introduction to 5G in the industrial domain

Whitepaper: IoT data validation


In this whitepaper, we will discuss major challenges in IoT data validation.

Whitepaper: Algorithms for validation of IoT data


This whitepaper propose different types of data validation algorithms.

Whitepaper: Edge computing


This whitepaper addresses the growing interest and curiosity around Edge Computing in industry.

Whitepaper: IoT in harsh environments


This whitepaper addresses the need for information concerning the adoption of IoT in harsh environments.

Prototyping and business models


One of two articles about design thinking and business model innovation with new technology.

Testing business model innovation


Two of two articles about design thinking and business model innovation with new technology.