IoT services

Get help to apply IoT technologies and create value from IoT - whether you want to improve your product, create business from a new service offering or optimise your supply chain performance.

We can guide you through all the steps in an IoT-based innovation process: From business modelling, design and development to implementation, troubleshooting and technical analysis. In all parts of the process of exploiting IoT, we can partner up.

Our core expertises are: 

IoT in products

FORCE Technology is an internationally recognised provider of services for IoT. We can help you use IoT to design new digital products for your customers. We offer a full range of services from idea to implementation, and we can help you drive the process from start to end.

Driving IoT projects

To succeed with IoT projects, you need experience to guide you safely from idea to solution.

Starting with IoT

Start your IoT journey with a strategic mindset to define the right approach.

Designing products with IoT

Combine physical materials with IoT technology and product development through design thinking.

Building products with IoT

Find guidance in choosing the right IoT suppliers and manage the cooperation.

Troubleshooting IoT

Gain from broad IoT expertise to troubleshoot and find causes for failures.

Servitization and IoT

We can help you to take advantage of IoT to change from a product-oriented company to a service-based company – also known as servitization. Both in mapping the business potential into a strategy and in designing the actual services.

Strategy for servitzation

Transforming business model from product-based to service-based requires a strategy to ensure increased profitability.

Designing servitization

Service design is the core of servitization: Meeting the customer needs with digital technology.

Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT is using IoT to make your legacy supply chain digital and realise the optimisation potential from being digital. We can help you uncover the business potential, prepare for the process and digitise your equipment and machinery.

IoT-based predictive maintenance

Customised IoT-based predictive maintenance concepts and solutions.

Discovering Industrial IoT potentials

Industrial IoT optimizes performance and quality of the manufacturing and supply chain.

Optimising with industrial IoT

IoT in supply chains can optimise logistics - but also create new business opportunities.